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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" John 8:32

Here are some resources to help you explore your Bible...

Bible talks

Bible Group

Each Sunday, we offer a full programme of Bible talks, presentations and seminars both in The Reading Rooms in Billericay, and shared simultaneously via Zoom

Mid-week we have informal Bible Reading Help on Zoom, and One-to-One Bible coaching at times by arrangement. Use "Contact Us" for how to access Zoom.

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Bible study packs

Bible Study Packs

There are many ways you can engage with the Bible. An Open Bible Self Study Pack is just one.

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Bible topics

Bible Topics

We have a large range of articles to browse through which answer a variety of questions.

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Our Mission...

...as dedicated Bible students is to help you understand the true meaning of what the Bible says and to decide for yourself what you must do for a better, happier future.

During the pandemic, many people examined their lives and asked what is really important to them, perhaps now is a good time to start or further your study of what God says in the Bible.

But now as the pace of life is picking up, we invite you, aided by this site's resources, to explore its teaching with us and to challenge some of the preconceptions you might once have had.

Online Talks

Listen to a range of past recordings/podcasts to help your studies.

Quick Reads

The Road to Immortality

Fri 16th Feb 2024

Since the dawn of human civilisation, people have thought about human mortality, and the possibility of life after death. The Bible’s offer, though, is unlike any other – and has been evidenced by Jesus’ raising to eternal life. God’s amazing gift is immortality!...

How We Know Jesus Is Coming Back To Earth Soon

Tue 28th Nov 2023

Do you ever wonder about the future? Many people around the world share a common belief that Jesus Christ will return to Earth. How do we know this?...

The Unique World Leader

Thu 29th Apr 2021

Jesus Christ is the leader we need The Unique World Leader...

Learn to read the Bible effectively

Learn to read the Bible effectively

We want to help you discover the true Bible message for yourself, regardless of how much, or how little, you already know about it.

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Understanding the Gospels

Understanding the Gospels

This 12 section course aims to provide sound evidence that Jesus was a real historical figure and help you to understand his teaching in context.

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Bible reading plan with guidance notes

Bible reading plan with guidance notes

Discover for yourself how to read the Bible critically and effectively. Get help on difficult passages and get your questions answered.

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