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Finding peace in a restless world

Our presenter, Patrick, with references from the Bible, illustrates how "Peace of Mind" is possible even in today’s restless world.

He shows how we must recognise the 'Power of God' and surrender to him in faith denying our own self and reading his word on a daily to gain a knowledge of his wisdom and instruction to learn to trust and have confidence in God who has complete control in our world.

Praying on a daily and seeking to do his will, God will respond to us with peace.

To help you follow the quoted Bible references, please see Slideshare below.

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30th November Mid-week Seminar: "How we know Jesus is coming back to Earth soon!"

Two wars 1,000 miles apart detailed Bible prophecies predicting the return of Jesus.

Don’t miss the evidence that Jesus will return soon to fix the world’s problems. You can prepare for his return to the earth! Check out Quick Reads.

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